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“This book is a significant milestone in the evolution of the soul. The history of the Great Mother of Creation, her denial, and her return brings so much light in our efforts to evolve in consciousness. Natalie Kawai gives us the way for a deep union with our Source.”


—Michael Drescher, Founder and

CEO of Okanjo and Vibrant,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



“This book is truly revolutionary. It tells us everything about life and our creation and the way we can direct ourselves through the maze of our journey. I have never learned anything like it in all the books I have read before. Thank you Natalie for your contribution to the world.”


—Robyn Ocepek, Photographer,

Honolulu, Hawaii



“We’ve been hearing about positive thinking and the Law of Attraction a lot in recent years, but Conversations With Mother Goddess goes a step farther—showing us what more we need to know, so we can evolve to the next level in our journeys. Completely thought-provoking and calming at the same time!”


— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and Award-Winning Author of The Best Place and Arthur’s Legacy, Marquette, Michigan


“Truth has many facets and I am relieved that this book is finally shining some amazing light on how we have buried an important part of ourselves and continue to do so with the belief at play. I know now that we have a shot and can evolve to full consciousness.”


—Nicole Gabriel, Angel Dog Productions,

Author of Finding Your Inner Truth,

Maui, Hawaii



“Truly sensational in the sense of wow! Never thought I would have such profound wisdom and truth revealed to me. I can now follow up and engage in the process of finding myself with a brand new approaching that is real.”


—Rich Hargrave,

Fundraising direction of Non-Profits,

Ewa Beach, Hawaii



“This book finally explains in detail the progression of the soul, its different modalities and why we go through what we go through in our lives. I think that if everyone would read it and do the work, the planet would truly change.”


—Lori Chaffin, Publisher at Hawaii Wellness Directory,  Author of Messages Straight from the Heart, Honolulu, Hawaii



“My expectations were nowhere near what I found in this book! This is a life-changing work, a huge breakthrough in Consciousness and evolution.”


—Stephania Gibb, Speaker, Abbotsford,

British Columbia, Canada


“I am beyond excited about finding information that makes sense and is validated by Source through Natalie’s channeling of the Mother of Creation. It is an amazing revelation.”


—Mele Huddy, Inspirational Speaker,

Author of Leading with Your Dreams,

Kauii, Hawaii



“The emotional essence is a vital cue in our evolution and it has been buried for ages. Its recovery definitely will make its head way in our consciousness and will allow us truly and finally to change and achieve our true purpose.”


—Jeff Bow, Executive Coaching,

Author of Stop Thinking, Start Believing,

Honolulu, Hawaii



“Totally puzzled at first, my interest grew and I kept reading and reading until it sunk into me and awakened a part of me that was so willing to be awakened.”


—Joe Lopez, Private Currency Network,

Author of How to Buy Paradise on Trade,

Kailua, Hawaii



“The content of this book is an absolute must read because it is the end of a long wandering in circles. It tells us simply where we are from, why we are here, and what to do to succeed in the challenges that life presents us.”


—June Dillinger, Wedding Coordinator,

Author of Making Love Visible,

Honolulu, Hawaii


“I am amazed at the amount of wisdom and information I found in this book. Conversations With Mother Goddess is really a master book, a revolutionary way of encompassing life and its meaning.”


—David J. Wallace, Author of

Talking with My Ancestors,

Honolulu Hawaii



“Always interested by the evolution of consciousness, I grabbed this book and what I learned is truly amazing. Before, I was saturated with my knowledge and did not know what to do next to evolve, or make tangible progress in my life. This book is my answer.”


—Rob Kinslov,

Sustainability Consultant & Coach,




“I had no ideas of the existence of the Great Mother of Creation even though I always suspected there was a Goddess out there! I am beyond thrilled to know all about the origin of creation and the perspective it gives us to restore finally an aspect in us that was always missing.”


—Barry Wilmeth, Realtor,

Author of Making Other People Rich First

Honolulu, Hawaii


“Emotional energy has been condemned forever, and this book totally explains why and how to regain this masterful part of our divine essence. Amazing and so profoundly true.”


—Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach, Speaker,

International Best-Selling Author of Boy Entrepreneur,

Maui, Hawaii


“I am relieved and so happy to find so much information about life and the way to deal with it in depth and in truth. This book opens the hearts and the minds of people to their most profound truth, the one they have buried for ever.”

—Amy Augustin,

Honolulu, Hawaii



“Looking for answers? You have to read this book. Conversations With Mother Goddess is a real step forward in the evolution of our consciousness as human beings. A true step forward from which we can only grow.”


—Gina Musetti,

Founder of Life Centered Acupuncture Care,

Honolulu, Hawaii



“This book is amazing. It opened new awareness and gave me more clarity. Yes! Let’s recover our emotional essence.”


—Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D,

Hawaii State Representative and

Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage

Honolulu, Hawaii



“This book has lifted so many mysteries of life, things I could never figure out. I am amazed by the depth of it revelations and the new turn it offers to humanity to grasp our true purpose, finally!”


—Chris Ringling,

Author of The Fourth Ring,

Honolulu, Hawaii

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